DFDF 2014

16. - 18. Mai 2014
Relexa Hotel
Bad Salzdetfurth

Ehrengäste: Pavlovs Duck


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Hotel: Room booking deadline

Dear DFDF-lings, the room booking deadline is almost upon us!

The room block closes in a mere three days, on April 16th!

So, if you have not booked your room yet: do it now!!!

Song Sharing Circle: Mirrors and Images

This year will see another song sharing circle, this time to the topic of “Mirrors and Images”.

In order to allow for more active participation we have decided to allow not only new songs written for this circle but also any old songs that are to this topic. So Thesilées “Let me be your mirror” would be totally okay. I would even go so far as to say “A thousand ships” by Katy and Yu would be okay, as there is one stanza with a mirror, but I think I would draw the line there.

New stuff can be about image as picture or image as public personality or the difference between the mirror and the image, or about bad luck by broken mirrors, or about vampires not being able to shave, worlds behind mirrors, words left upon mirrors, objects mirrored in water, emotions mirrored, twins, illusions both real and metaphorical, the moon (as a mirror to the sun), what have you. You see, there is barely room for interpretation.

Have fun and surprise me and the other listeners! And maybe even yourself ;)

Ribbons, Rooms, Prices and a Prize

We have a lot of assorted news:

Ribbons: We have a ribbon ordering form online. We need your order by 31 March 2014 in order to deliver the ribbons at con.

Rooms: Our room block runs out on 16 April 2014, so make sure to book your room on time.

Prices: The registration fee has gone up in February, but there is now a new reason to register sooner rather than later:

Prize: If you send us the correct answers to our quiz by 13 April 2014 you have a chance to win a prize. Check it out!


We have been busy for you. You can either review DFDF 2013 with Kirstins photos or read about the Guests of Honor at DFDF 2014.

Or you could look for the picture of the future Guests of Honor among the pictures from DFDF 2013 ;)

Registration will become more expensive

Der Conbeitrag steigt am 10.2. um €5 an – du hast also noch knapp einen Monat Zeit, um den “Frühbucherrabatt” zu nutzen. Wenn du zur Con kommen willst – warum nicht jetzt schon anmelden?

DFDF 2014

16 – 18 May 2014
Relexa Hotel
Bad Salzdetfurth

Guests of Honor: Pavlovs Duck

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